Enabling youth entrepreneurship.


libraries, non-profits, clubs, and schools supplied


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lifetime wealth created in 2022**

Teen Entrepreneurship Foundation

The TEF is a non-profit foundation dedicated to enabling financial freedom in youth by developing and distributing resources that educate upon the subjects of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and investing. We believe financial freedom starts young and systemic financial issues are best solved through a holistic, bottom-up approach.

“We believe communal financial progress begins with education and the TEF represents a group of students looking to build an equitable future.”
– Jon Law, President

Financial Freedom starts young.


As founder, Jon Law is a popular author on investing and financial literacy for teens. He’s a serial teen entrepreneur himself, and passionate about all things business, investing, and value creation. He started the TEF to give away books and educational resources produced by his publishing company, Aude.


The TEF is funded by Aude, which is a producer and distributor of non-fiction books. We do not accept individual donations.


Our team consists of passionate, like-minded students looking to make an impact. Check out our team here.


We believe financial freedom starts young and providing the necessary resources to encourage financial literacy and entrepreneurship in youth is the first step in breaking the poverty cycle and enabling futures not limited by financial difficulties.

What we do.

**LVC is based on the % of readers who begin to invest because of our content multiplied by the average difference in net worth between those who invest and those who don’t.