TeenSmart Program

The TeenSmart program connects schools, libraries, and non-profits to books published by Audeā„¢ on subjects relating to personal finance and investing, free of charge. Our current lead is The Modern Guide to Stock Market Investing for Teens by Alan John, which is the top selling book on investing for teens in the world. Through TeenSmart, this book has been made available to 1.3m youth aged 10-19 through a network of 987+ libraries, schools, non-profits, and clubs.

The short-run evolution of the program is being orchestrated in union with the release of Financial Freedom for Teens and 12 Rules for Teens, both set to come out in fall 2023. These books provide a thorough baseline of knowledge on personal finance, business, and investing. Through TeenSmart, we aim to push these resources to 5,000 communities in combination with live classes in 2023.

If you represent an organization or group that could benefit from TeenSmart, contact us here.

Future Entrepreneurs Initiative

The FEI encourages youth to take their first steps into entrepreneurship by funding innovative projects and businesses and connecting qualified participants to a network of like-minded thinkers and doers. To apply, click here.

Members of the Month

Robin Liu

Liu is building a novel rocket that lands through propulsion, similar to a miniaturized version of the self-landing SpaceX boosters. His team has conducted several static fire tests for the thruster module and three launches.

Genesis Nguyen

Nguyen has spent years researching how the recycling of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics can be accelerated through emerging PACE (phage assisted continuous evolution) technologies. He is currently working on proprietary bio-recycling systems of this kind.


Live Classes

The TEF is currently working with students to develop standardized, engaging curriculum on the subjects of personal finance and entrepreneurship. Live classes, both online and in-person, will begin in 2023.